My sessions with Donna were amazing. I found that by processing the work situations in life differently I was able to accomplish more with greater buy-in from staff. Donna also helped me to re-picture the way I viewed some work relationships and not to personalize so much.  Donna is gifted and her insight and discernment only lend themselves in her role as a Coach. I will definitely continue sessions with her.

Donna intuitively looked at both me and my small busines with a fresh set of eyes. She immeditatley identified several areas that could and should be improved. I had become complacent over the years. Donna utilized her background in business and with her straight-to-the-point coaching sytle helped me recognize and make some difficult changes that transformed both my business marketing and personnel. Almost immediately I saw improvements in the attitudes and productivity of my staff, as well as our bottom line!  Thank you Donna for recognizing my true potential, as both an artist and a business owner. 

After just one session Donna helped me recognize and shift some mental blocks that were preventing me from finishing the book I was writing.  She has amazing Spirit-led insights and a unique gift for getting straight to the issue.  I plan to continue working with her, and highly recommend her to anyone wanting to move forward in their own personal journey.

Donna carefully helped me begin prioritizing and supported me in the process of leveraging my talents, abilities, and success to create the life I want. Ultimately, Donna helped me become accountable for how I choose to create my life. Today, after a strifeful divorce, I am back in my own business and able to be responsive and available to my children as I control my schedule. Without her strength and guidance I would not have taken the steps I needed to as quickly. After working with her for three months I steadily implemented the action steps needed for plans to re-open my private practice. Being self-employed requires a level of organization and exposure to risk that can be stressful, but exhilarating and empowering. I began gaining confidence in my aspirations and the support I needed flowed to me.


The Donna Vaughan Coaching process for me was about examining how my inner dialogue and belief patterns were helping or hindering my process. All I could see was what I didn’t have and the pressure to try and rebuild was paralyzing at times. It was the most inspiring and loving experience to have other people believe in me and support me. I am so lucky that Donna put her laser-like focus and perceptiveness on me so that I could let go of the past and focus on creating a better life for my kids and myself.

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